Thursday 24.02.2011
10:00 Introduction and presentation in Room A104 at Sand 14.
12:30 Lunch at Mensa Morgenstelle. Travel is organised.
14:00 Invited Talk of Daniel Le Berre.
15:00 Working on problems.
16:00 Coffee break. Time is not really fixed but just to ensure there is one!
16:15 Working on problems.
17:30 Informal presentation of some ideas (and may be results) of each group.
19:00 Dinner and social event at Ratskeller Tübingen.
Friday 25.02.2011
9:00 Static Restart in Room A104
10:30 Coffee break.
11:00 Working on problems.
12:30 Lunch at the restaurant Flavours of India.
14:00 Working on problems.
15:15 Coffee break.
15:30 Informal presentation and discussion of the work of each group.