KickOff PhD Meeting


The meeting will take place in Karlsruhe in conjunction with SPP KickOff Meeting on the 5th of December 2007.




Presentation session I
09:00 Robert Görke
Significance-Driven Graph Clustering
09:25 Wiebke Höhn
Flowshop Scheduling in Steel Production
09:50 Claudius Jähn
Models for virtual scenes
10:15 Stephan Kottler
Approximation of R-Horn Backdoors
10:40 Marjan Celikik
Efficient large-scale clustering of spelling variants, with applications to error-tolerant text search
Coffee Break and Poster Session
Tobias Jacobs
Hotlink Assignment for Arbitrary Trees
Sonja Lauer
On List Update with Locality of Reference
Henning Meyerhenke
Disturbed Diffusion for Partitioning and Clustering Graphs
Vitaly Osipov
Two Problems: From Theory To Practice
Johannes Singler
MCSTL: The Multi-Core Standard Template Library
Kati Wolter
SCIP – Solving Constraint Integer Programs
12:30 Lunch Break
Presentation Session II
14:00 Daniel Kuntze
A template based c++ library for clustering algorithms
14:25 Ralf Petring
Runtime prediction for rendering algorithms based on hardware and scene analysis
14:50 Ludmila Scharf
Geometric shape matching
15:15 Christiane Schmidt
Polygon Exploration with Discrete Vision
15:40 Shahid Jabbar
External Memory Value Iteration