Summer School - Getting to Bad Herrenalb

The journey involves reaching Karlsruhe main station ("Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof" or "Karlsruhe Hbf") see the corresponding section of the Final Meeting Getting to Karlsruhe. In Karlsruhe you will have to change on a local train of the S1-line (not "1" but "S1"!) with destination "Bad Herrenalb", which looks almost the same as local trams and depart from the main square right in front of the main station ("Karlsruhe Bahnhofsvorplatz" in the time tables), see the "Reaching the conference site or hotel by tram" section for a detailed description. In Bad Herrenalb, deboard at the final stop and walk 650 metres uphill or take a taxi (+49 7083 1696, Taxi Albert).
People participating in the SPP final meeting and staying over night in Karlsruhe on Wednesday may join us in the morning on Thursday at the tram station Kronenplatz (Kaiserstr), see the map for a joint trip to Bad Herrenalb. We intend to take the S1 tram at 07:08 in the direction Bad Herrenalb. We should arrive at 08:00. If you would like to catch the same tram, but depart from a different tram station, please see the highlighted column in the  timetable. A small breakfast is planed at 08:30.