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Research Area: Practical theory for clustering algorithms
Status: In progress  

CluE Website

CluELab - Clustering Environment

CluE is a template based C++ library for clustering arbitrary data. All of CluE's algorthims can be instantiated for any data type. The algorithms only need implementations of so called attachments for a new data type, for example to compute the distance between two of the objects. The library is still in alpha stadium, but so far there are implementations of two agglomerative algorithms, the famous Lloyd's algorithm and two coreset algorithms.


CluELab - Clustering Environment Laboratory

The CluELab application is based on the CluE library. With CluELab one can easily analyse the clusterings computed by CluE's algorithms. So far it supports a data type for d-dimensional points and is able to visualize 2 dimensional points.

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