Exact Integer Programming


Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Martin Grötschel; Zuse Institut Berlin


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Available solvers for mixed-integer programs (MIPs) focus on finding close to optimal solutions for feasible instances. Users are aware that the answers are only accurate with respect to feasibility and optimality tolerances, but for many application, this is regarded to be acceptable.

This situation changes fundamentally when MIPs are used to study theoretical problems, when instances become pure feasibility questions (and are infeasible), and when wrong answers can have legal consequences. Examples for applications where inexact solvers are not adequate include combinatorial design theory, chip verification, and contracting by combinatorial auctions.

In this project, we develop and implement an approach for the exact solution of MIPs. By extending the constraint programming/MIP solver SCIP, we want to provide a tool, which is freely available to the scientific community, to compute exact optimal solutions or, perhaps even more important, exact certificates for infeasibility.



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