A Generator for Dynamic Clustered Random Graphs

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Research Area: Clustering of Static and Temporal Graphs
Status: In progress  

This section offers supplementary information on our random generator for graphs which are both dynamic and have an implanted clustering. A full description including data structures, usage and background can be found in our technical report.



Downloading and using our generator is free. Please use this link to obtain the command-line version of the generator in this jar-file: dcrgenerator.jar

Using the generator is thus done by calling java -jar dcrgenerator.jar . Although all command-line parameters are supplied with reasonable default values, you will have to look them up in our documentation if you intend to use the generator. This document is also listed in the electronic archive of KIT: technical report.


License: GPL

The version of our generator which is to be included in visone will be available as soon as visone fully incorporates dynamics in a future release.

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